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CC Consulting is a local Houston Based Company that has been providing Information Technology (IT) services to local businesses since 2005.  We keep your organization's IT operations running.  Supporting many different types of industries, we offer multiple choices of IT Support Plans that are attractive for any sized organization.  CC Consulting makes technology work for you, so you can focus on growing your business.  

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Backup internet connections

How important is your internet connection for your business and personal life? If you’re anything like me, you business comes to a standstill when you loose your internet connection. You can’t telework, you can’t process payments you can’t even check the weather! If your like me internet access is not just important its a necessity to keep your business going. So what do I do to keep things running..

First, I have two internet providers! I have a cable provider for my primary internet access (60/5) and I have DSL (7/.8) for my backup internet connection. DSL in my area is $20 a month which I consider a small price to pay for always on, unlimited internet access. If the internet goes down, what is your time worth? Okay, Okay DSL isn’t fast but its better than nothing and it has no data caps.

Think your cell phone is a good backup internet connection? Have you ever experienced a widespread internet outage? When Comcast goes down in our area forget using your hotspot, everyone crowds onto the LTE networks here and overwhelms them. You end up finding you have no data here either.

What do I need to have 2 internet providers, besides their equipment? You need a router that can load balance or fail-over between the two connections like I do. I use the unifi security gateway to provide automatic fail over so I don’t have to be at the office to keep the internet going.

Have more questions about setting up dual internet connections from 2 separate providers, give us a call.