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CC Consulting is a local Houston Based Company that has been providing Information Technology (IT) services to local businesses since 2005.  We keep your organization's IT operations running.  Supporting many different types of industries, we offer multiple choices of IT Support Plans that are attractive for any sized organization.  CC Consulting makes technology work for you, so you can focus on growing your business.  

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Business Technology Services

Cassells Consulting keeps your organization’s IT operations running day-to-day. Across the business world, IT infrastructures are utilized to increase productivity, manage workflow, bill clients, manage payroll, communicate both internally and with clients, and replace a host of other traditional business systems. Cassells Consulting can be a partner with you in making sure that your business is optimized for the technological needs for today and the technological needs for future growth.

Cassells Consulting tailors our solutions to your organization and you choose the level of support that is needed for your company. A good fit for both your organization and Cassells Consulting is what we strive for so that a long term business relationship is built.

Realizing that in today’s technological world, IT systems have become an essential business tool. Cassells Consulting provides a form of complete care for this critical infrastructure. Cassells Consulting provides proactive ongoing IT support, maintenance, and optimizations to keep your organization operating efficiently. So that you can focus on growing your business.